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0:36 25.6.2019 

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Ratification of the initiative for cooperation with the Municipality of Markham - Canada

Today the Council of the Municipality of Kisela Voda held their 18 session in the following order:

1. Information about the visit of the Municipality of Simitli- Republic Bulgaria by the delegation from the council of the Municipality of Kisela Voda;
2. An information on the division balance of the Municipality of Kisela Voda and Municipality of Aerodrom;
3. An initiative for cooperation between the Municipality of Markham and Municipality of Kisela Voda;

About the first issue the president of the Council Miroslav Tasevski informed the members of the Council about the visit of the Municipality of Simitly- Republic of Bulgaria as well as about the started negotiations for economy, sport and culture cooperation.
On the second issue about the division balance between the municipalities of Kisela Voda and Aerodrom,  was confirmed the need of founding a 4 members commission which in the following period will cooperate with the same commission made by the council of Aerodrom and will discuss in direction of  realizing of the division balance between both of the municipalities. In the commission of the Municipality of Kisela Voda are the following persons: Miroslav Tasevski- president of the Council and the members of the Council Elizabeta Canceska- Milevska, Goran Petrusev and Metodi Kocev. All of the members of the Council ratified the suggested conclusion.
On the last issue the Mayor Dzordze Arsov informed the members of the Council about the cooperation agreement between the municipalities of Markham- Canada and Kisela Voda. This initiative was ratified by the members of the Council.

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