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23:41 24.6.2019 

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The village of Usje celebrated St. Atanas

Yesterday in the village of Usje was celebrated the Christian holiday St. Atanas in honor of the church Saint Atanas located in the same village, which is one of the oldest religious structures in the municipality of Kisela Voda. For the first time in the center of the village the organizational board made by the members of the local population, organized a mass celebration with special program. Quest of the local population was a delegation of the municipality of Kisela Voda leaded by the Mayor Dzordze Arsov, the President of the Council Miroslav Tasevski and the member of the council Nino Gruev. In the past year we realized a several projects in the village of Usje that were necessary for the local population. In this year the municipality of Kisela Voda plans to realize several new projects which will prove that Usje never again will have a status of a neglected region. It is very positive the fact that in the Local community that soon will start to function have included people from the church board and that all together will initiate fast and more efficient solving of the communal problems in the village of Usje- among other said the mayor Arsov to the present population.

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