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23:45 24.6.2019 

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Ivanovski winner of the first competition

Yesterday the Mayor of the Municipality of Kisela Voda Dzordze Arsov in the full gallery of the Museum of the city of Skopje announced the winners of the first competition of the project Design of public space with sculpture solution in the settlement of Dracevo dedicated to the defenders from 2001 year. The first reward of 90.000 denars the five member commission gave to the Jovan lievski, the second reward of 60.000 denars was given to the Dejan Spasenovski, Dejan Sekulovski and llija Bozinovski and the third reward belonged to the authors Vesna Savinova and Sanja Savinova. Awarding diplomas to the winners among other the Mayor Dzordze Arsov said:
The Municipality of Kisela Voda started a project that will help to the young architects and sculptors in realization of their creative ideas. This is only a finish of the first competition, I congratulate to the winners and to the others I wish them to success in the next competition that the municipality will promote in the following month about architectural solutions on other two attractive locations in the municipality ended the mayor Arsov.  
The exhibition caused a great interest especially to the young architects and sculptors who shown by their works that their creative ideas deserve bigger attention in the architectural solutions in the state. The exhibited works of the 13 participants in the competition will be presented by the 3rd of February in the Museum of the city of Skopje. The exhibition was opened by the representative from the Museum of the city of Skopje, the architect Frosina Zafirovska, and during the promotion the president of the commission, architects Ljupco Georgievski Manager of the sector for urbanity, communal matters and protection of the environment, gave an explanations on the awarded works.  

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