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28.10.2010 () 11,00 : - ;1. ...

Fraternization of Kisela Voda and Kadikoy
On occasion of fraternization of municipalities of Kisela Voda Rpublic of Macedonia and Kadikoy- Republic of Turkey today in Skopje arrive high representative turkey delegation presented by the Mayor of the Municipality of Kadikoy, the kaymacan, vice mayor and other quests. According to the ...

The UNDP and the municipality are successfully finishing the mutual project
In the big hall of the municipality of Kisela Voda was held the last Workshop of young highly educated cadres which was organized trough the project for employment of young high education cadres. Partners in this project of the Municipality of Kisela Voda are UNDP and Ministry of labor and social ...

The village of Usje celebrated St. Atanas
Yesterday in the village of Usje was celebrated the Christian holiday St. Atanas in honor of the church Saint Atanas located in the same village, which is one of the oldest religious structures in the municipality of Kisela Voda. For the first time in the center of the village the organizational ...

Ratification of the initiative for cooperation with the Municipality of Markham - Canada
Today the Council of the Municipality of Kisela Voda held their 18 session in the following order: 1.Information about the visit of the Municipality of Simitli- Republic Bulgaria by the delegation from the council of the Municipality of Kisela Voda;2.An information on the division balance of the ...

Ivanovski winner of the first competition
Yesterday the Mayor of the Municipality of Kisela Voda Dzordze Arsov in the full gallery of the Museum of the city of Skopje announced the winners of the first competition of the project Design of public space with sculpture solution in the settlement of Dracevo dedicated to the defenders from ...

Adoption of the Budget for 2006 year
Today the Council of the Municipality of Kisela Voda held their 16 session. On the session was adopted the proposal of the municipality budget for 2006 year and the proposed Declaration for execution of the budget of the Municiaplity of Kisela Voda for 2006 ...

The promotion of the monography
In the big municipal hall the Council of the municipality held a formal session on which was promoted the Monography 50 years Municipality of Kisela Voda. In the first part of the session the mayor Dzordze Arsov and the president of the Council Miroslav Tasevski gave a Memorial laudative to Vilma ...

The first Badminton Cup in Macedonia was held
The past weekend in the sport hall Rasadnik was held the first badminton Cup of Macedonia. This sport manifestation on which participated 5 clubs with more than 60 sportiest was held under the sponsorship of the Municipality of Kisela Voda. To the present sportiest and guests spiked the Mayor of ...

Badminton in the hall Rasadnik

The Municipality host of the asociation Lastovica
Today the Municipality of Kisela Voda was a host to the Association for rights of children and youth with special needs Lastovica. In the municipality hall were gathered around 100 children from Macedonia where was held a New Year manifestation. In front of the present children spiked the Mayor ...

Staklara and Podstanica new Local Communities
Today the Council of the Municipality of Kisela Voda held their thirteen session on which by acclamation was ratified the initiatives for establishing of the local communities on the area of Staklara-Kamenik and Podstanica. On the same session the councilors were informed about the work of the ...

The ending of the fair EXPO 2005

Start of the reconstruction of the road Dracevo - Kitka

The citizens from the street Vera Jocic, got a new parking space

In Dracevo ended the international karate tournament Mavashi Open 2005

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