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 Municipality Profile
 Mayor and Council
 Organization of the Sectors
 Education, Culture, Sport and Youth
 Urbanization, Communal affaires and Environment
 Local Economy Development
 Healthy and Social Protection
 Legal and Administration Work
 International Cooperation and Public Affairs
 Sector for support of the Mayor and Council
 Sector for Local Government and Relations whit the Central Government and other Institutions
 Sport and Youth
 Info Center
 50 Years - Municipality of Kisela Voda


The municipality administration is organized in the following sectors and departments:

1. Sector for matters of the Mayor and Council of the municipality

a)       Department for support of the Mayor

b)       Department for support of the Council

2. Sector for urbanization, communal matters and prevent of the environment

a)       Department for spatial and urban planning;

b)       Department for construction and arrangement of the building site;

c)        Department for communal matters in the water domain;

d)       Department for communal hygiene, parks and cemetery;

e)       Department for planning and development of the traffic;

f)        Department for prevention of the environment.

3. Sector for financing

a). Department for planning, financing and budget;

b). Department for financial and material accountancy;

c). Department for taxes, incomes and other own municipality incomes;

d). Department for property and legal matters;

e). Department for public purchase.

4. Sector for local economy development

a).  Department for planing the local economy development;

b). Department for municipality investment fond and donations;

c). Department for craft work, restaurants, trade and tourism;

d). Department for single counter system for entrepreneurship

e). Department for public services.

5. Sector for education, culture, sport and youth

a). Department for education;

b). Department for culture;

c). Department for sport and youth.

6. Sector for health and social protection

a). Department for health protection;

b). Department for social and children protection.

7. Sector for legal and administrative matters

a). Department for legal matters and legal help;

b). Department for human resources;

c). Department for archive matters;

d). Department for

e). Department for development of the info system of the municipality.

8. Sector for international cooperation and public affairs

a). Department for international cooperation;

b). Department for public relations.

9. Sector for local government and relations with the central government institutions and public organizations


a). Department for local government;


b). Department for relations with the institutions of the central government and for cooperation with the public organizations;


10. Sector for inspection Ц inspection office


a). Department for communal, construction, traffic and environment inspection;


b). Department for tax inspection;


c). Department for supervision in different domains of the municipality;

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