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Duties of the Council:


1.       Ratifies the Statute of the Municipality;


2.       Ratifies the rule of procedure of the Council;


3.       Ratifies the working Program;


4.       Ratifies the Budget and Annual account of the Municipality;


5.       Confirms the level of their own income sources for financing the Municipality, which is predicted by law; 


6.       Ratifies detail urban plans, urban plans for village and plans out of settlements;


7.       Ratifies the Program for arranging of the building site;


8.       Ratifies the rules in the domain of preventing the environment and nature, local economy development, culture, sport and recreation; social protection and child protection, education, health protection; in accordance with the competency predicted by  law or in accordance with the national program;


9.       Ratifies the Program for construction and maintain of the local roads and streets;


10.    Ratifies the Program for public street lighting;


11.     Ratifies the Program for construction, reconstruction and maintains of the local water pipelining;


12.    Ratifies the Resolutions for maintain and usage of the public markets;


13.    Defines the procedure for cleaning of the chimneys;


14.    Defines the maintain of the public parking space and its usage.


15.    Ratifies the Program for maintain and usage of the parks and other recreate areas of local importance;


16.    Defines the way of maintain of the cemetery as a communal and public function;


17.    Defines the organization, framework and the way of execution of the working tasks of the municipality administration, recommended by the Mayor;


18.     Establish public services and supervise their work;


19.    Nominates members in the managing boards of the public services founded by the Council;


20.    Ratifies the Programs on working and financial plans for financing of the public services which were founded by the municipality;


21.    Ratifies the reports for execution of the Budget and for annual account of the Municipality, as well as reports for execution of the annual programs of the municipality;


22.    Decides about giving a license for activities of public interest and local importance, in accordance with the law;


23.    Ratifies the working reports and annual accounts of the public services that they found;


24.    Decides about the way of managing with the property of the Municipality;


25.    Decides about the practice of doing the financial control of the municipality Budget, in accordance with the law;


26.    By resolution confirms the price of the communal taxes and fees.


27.    Found Commission for arranging the property market value according to the Methodology  defined by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and confirms the property taxes;


28.    Defines the working time of the craft work activities in accordance with the local customs in the municipality;


29.    Ratifies Plan on efforts and activities for solving the problems of financial instability of the municipality suggested by the mayor, which is obligatory for the municipality;


30.    Select the person that will manage with the branch unit of the Ministry of internal affairs in the Municipality in accordance with the law;


31.    Ratifies the annual report for public security of the Municipality, delivered by the Minister of internal affairs and Public defender;


32.    May give the recommendations to the responsible person of the branch unit of the Ministry for internal affairs in the domain of public and traffic security;


33.    Elect and dismiss the President of the Council;


34.    Constitute permanent and temporary commissions;


35.    Provides license on properties for public usage and natural resources on the territory of the Municipality, in accordance with the law;


36.    Ratifies Municipality awards;


37.    Ratifies the suggested laws that concerns the Municipality;


38.    Decides about other elections and nominations which are under their competency;


39.    Ratifies other resolutions which are under their competency;


40.    Ratifies programs about disinfecting and deracination, and


41.    Ratifies other programs, rules, suggestions and other arrangements initiated by the Mayor or other services of the municipality;


42.    Executes other activities.


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