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The competency of the Mayor:


          He represents the Municipality


          Controls the legality of the Councils  rules;


          Announce the rules of the Council in the official paper of the Municipality;


          Provides the execution of the Council resolutions;


          Provides the execution of the procedures which are delegated to the Municipality by law;


          Initiate and suggests passing of the rules of which the Council is competent;


          Suggest the annual Budget and annual Budget account of the Municipality;


          Executes the Budget of the Municipality;


          By public open competition he selects the managers of the public services which are founded by the Municipality;


          Determinates the resolutions for ratification of the real estate taxes on the territory of the Municipality;


          Keeping records on restaurants and their working time on the territory of the Municipality;


          Make contracts for structure tenancy or parts of the structures of public institutes with or without equipment, for the needs of the Municipality;


          It is his duty to inform immediately, the ministry which is competent for the work in domain of the local government, on one of the conditions for early dismissed of the Council;


          If the Council is dismissed until forming the new Council, he executes the work that was in the domain of the Council with limitation predicted by law;


          He is a member of the Coordinative body of the mayors in the City ofSkopje and municipalities of Skopje for accomplishing a mutual cooperation and solving problems of mutual interest;    


          Prepares Rebalance of the Budget in order to get beyond the financial instability of the municipality, which approves the Commission founded for that cause.


          Frequent informs the Council about execution of his authorities in accordance with the Statute;


          Decides in governmental matters for rights, obligations and interests for legal and private subjects, in accordance with the law.


          Ratifies the Rule book for systematization of the job positions for municipality administration;


          Decides about employments, rights, duties and responsibilities of the employees in the municipality administration, if it is predicted by law;


          Provides regular and legal usage, maintain and protection of the property of the municipality in accordance with Law and Statute.


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