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Organization of the Sectors


The municipality administration is organized in the following departments and units:


1. Department for support of the Mayor

a) Unit for coordination of the activities of the Mayor

b) Unit for General affairs

c) Unit for development of an integrated-informational system

d) Unit for archival work


2. Department for support of the Council

a) Unit for organization of plenary session of the Council and work of the body of the Council

b) Unit for realization of plenary session of the Council and work of the body of the Council


3. Department for urbanism and urban planning

a) Unit for spatial planning

b) Unit for excerpts from urban plans, permits for building and use permits

c) Unit for management of public land and public auction

d) Unit for regulation of illegal buildings


4. Department for communal works, infrastructure, traffic and prevention of the environment

a) Unit for communal works, infrastructure and traffic

b) Unit for prevention of the environment


5. Department for public procurement

a) Unit for administration of the public procurement

b) Unit for planning and realization of the Plan for public procurement


6. Department for financial issues

a) Unit for coordination of the Budget

b) Unit for financial and material accountancy

c) Unit for taxes, incomes and other own municipality incomes

d) Unit for control of the Budget


7. Department for education, preschool education, culture and sport

a) Unit for education

b) Unit for preschool education

c) Unit for culture

d) Unit for sport


8. Department for normative-legal affairs

a) Unit for legal affairs

b) Unit for property and property-legal affairs


9. Department for local government and cooperation with NGO’s

a) Unit for local government

b) Unit for cooperation with NGO’s


10. Department for internal Audit

a) Unit for Audit of compliance

b) Unit for auditing of the legality of the work


11. Department for Human Resources and training

a) Unit for Human Resources

b) Unit for training


12. Department for inspections

a) Unit for urban, building, road, traffic, environmental and utility inspection

b) Unit for inspection of the taxes

c) Unit for supervision of the other activities in the competence of the municipality


13. Department for local economic development

a) Unit for analysis and planning of the local economic development

b) Unit for support of the small and medium enterprises

c) Unit for Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy










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