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Natural geographic characteristics of the Municipality of Kisela Voda

Geographic location

The Municipality of Kisela Voda is spreading on the south and south-east part of the Skopje region. The east border of the municipality extents to the central city area of the municipality of Center. The north border is spreading throughout the railway line Skopje – Veles which represents the border with the new Municipalityof Aerodrom. On the east and southeast part of the Municipality is the border line with the municipality of Studenicani, and on the south with the mountain of Vodnowhere is the border line with the municipality of Sopiste. The extension line of theMunicipality of Kisela Voda has a north – south direction for 3,3 km. In this border lines with the neighboring municipalities, the Municipality of Kisela Voda is spreading on 46,86 km2. In the city area of the municipality are located the settlements Cesma and Birarija, on the lower parts of the north side of the mountain Vodno are located the settlements of Przino and Crnice and on the east part are located the settlements Pripor and Usje. In the central part of the municipality are located the settlements of : 11 October, Kisela Voda and Cvetan Dimov. On the east part of the municipality are located the settlements: Pintija and Dracevo. 


Configuration and Climate

The configuration of the territory of the municipality in the east, north, central and west part is lowland, separated with several alluvial lowlands. The south and southeast part lies on a hill area that gradually elevate to the mountain Vodno. The lowest peak is in the north part of the settlement Dracevo 242m, and the highest elevation peak is in the west part of the settlement Pripor 411m.The territory of the municipality of Kisela Voda has temperately continental clime with small modifications in the southeast part of Dracevo where the temperatures are lower.


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