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Municipality Background

On 28 of June in 1955 year with the Law for the districts and municipalities in the former Peoples Republic of Macedonia, ratified by the republic congress of  the National assembly, was established the new municipality of Kisela Voda.  Until than the village of Kisela Voda, according to the laws for territory division of the former Peoples Republic of Macedonia, in the period of 1945 – 1955 year was part of the composition of the city of Skopje. In a very short period the Municipality of Kisela Voda notices huge development. It is very remarkable that in the period of one decade from 1955 – 1965 year on the territory of the Municipality by huge investment cycle were established the economy capacities of: Chemical Combine – OHIS, Cement factory – Usje, Glasshouse, Electro machine industrial gear – Rade Koncar, Factory for soup and cosmetics Cvetan Dimov, textile factories Mirka Ginova, Crvena Zezda and Progres, and other economy subjects. In that period the Municipality of Kisela Voda became a leader municipality in the Republic ofMacedonia. The municipality held this epithet for long time together with the main characteristic which says that the Municipality of Kisela Voda at that time embraced total surface of 737 mk2 in which borders lived 130.000 people. This period was also characteristic by construction of the several settlements such as: Aerodrom, Jane Sandanski and Lisice.


With the independence of the Republic of Macedonia and with the ratification of the new Constitution, for the first time were held multy party elections by which the old socialistic one party system was abandoned and the multy party parliamentary democracy was introduced. According to the will of the citizens after the elections in 11.06.1991 year was constitute the first multiparty Assembly of the Municipality of Kisela Voda as a highest management body of the local government.

On September 1996 year with the Law for new territory division of the Republic ofMacedonia from present 34 were established 123 municipalities and the City ofSkopje with the City assembly. From the Municipality of Kisela Voda were established three more new municipalities of Zelenikovo, Studenicani and Sopiste.


In august 2004 year the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia ratified the Law for territory organization of the local government in Republic of Macedonia by which 84 municipalities will work under the new regulative and competency. From theMunicipality of Kisela Voda in accordance with this law was established the newMunicipality of Aerodrom together with Upper and Lower Lisice.


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